Personal injuries can be life changing events and it is important that if somebody is at fault for any negative changes that may have occurred to you that they assist you to adjust to your new life circumstances. This website (Personal Injury Claim Info) is to make it clear to you to choose the right path in pursuing compensation.

If you are pursuing a claim against the driver of the vehicle you were in or a third party you make the claim against the insurance company not the driver. Similarly if you were the driver and suffered injury then you would also make a claim against the insurance company.

As with all personal injury claims the key to being awarded compensation is by proving the other party was at fault.

Here are some of the most common reasons that cause car accidents, did the driver at fault commit any?


Driver Negligence

Was the driver on the phone, speeding or not following the rules of the road

Pedestrian Behaviour

Did the driver have to swerve or avoid an unexpected pedestrian

Road conditions

What were the road conditions like at the time

Mechanical Failure

Did the vehicle respond correctly to the drivers reactions

If you can prove the driver at fault caused your injury because of one of the above you may have a claim



What to do after a car accident

Remember the key to making sure you have a successful claim is to make sure you have taken note of the following.



make sure to get their contact details incase you need to make contact afterwards

Person at fault’s

Insurance details, contact details and registration details


If a camera is close by take images for your own records

Always call the police, even if the other person has accepted responsibility.


Note*If you failed to be examined or attend hospital for you injury and it proceeded to worsen then you may only receive compensation for the initial injury.


Action to Take

Pursuing a personal injury car accident claim can be a simpler in comparison to claiming for other personal injuries as you are mostly dealing with insurance companies. They will still look for proof against your claim.

The best way to deal with a Personal injury car accident claim is to hire a solicitor who deals specifically in personal injury car accident claims.

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