Slips, trips and falls are a very common personal injury to sustain. They are generally cause from uneven surfaces and poorly maintained surfaces such as spillages. You can have a slip, trip or fall in many places from a shopping center to the local high street and you will still be entitle to make a claim.

Like with all claims you must prove that somebody has been negligent which caused you unfortunate accident to occur.

If you have sustained a slip trip or fall at work please see or personal injury at work claims page.

Prove your Personal Injury Slip, Trip or Fall Claim

If you have  had a slip, trip or fall claim then it is important to make sure you have evidence to back up your claim to be guaranteed a personal injury claim payout.

Take photos of the area, especially if it is managed by the council as the area may be revamped by the time the case comes.

Look for security cameras in the area incase the caught the incident

Get a doctor’s report to prove that  your injury was sustained by a slip trip or fall

Make sure to get the contact information of any eye witnesses for future reference.

most importantly you will have to prove that the other party knew about the hazard which led to your personal injury claim.

Proving Negligence for a Personal Slip, Trip or Fall Injury Claim

If you are pursuing a claim against a council ask the people in the are if they have already complained about the hazard or details about how long it has been there.

If your potential personal injury claim was in a shop or where there was security cameras you might be able to see employees or properties walk by the hazardous zones and ignore them.

If you are struggling to find fault you may need to get in contact with a solicitor
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Most likely if you have had a trip or fall it is not the actual owner of the property that you will be pursuing for your claim but it will actually be the owners,properties or councils personal liability insurance which you will claiming against.