The steps to take after a personal injury has occurred can be vital. It can make or break the possibility of you receiving compensation. Here are somethings you will want to take note of after a personal injury has occurred.

Personal Injury Action

On the scene:

  • Take note of witnesses, get their contact details so you can reference them if necessary.
  • take pictures if you can
  • Look for security cameras that might have caught the incident
  • Phone the police or ambulance service if necessary
  • Once your home take note of the injury and how it occurred.
    Record the events leading up to the accident and afterwards so when asked you have a clear detail of what happened
    In a week or more some parts may be blurry which might be important.

    Get a doctor to confirm that you have sustained an injury and that they are conclusive with the description of the accident that occurred.

    Now you have completed your pre action protocol personal injury

    start to piece it together

  • Who was at fault?
  • Did they know an incident was about to occur?
  • Could they have changed the outcome?
  • was it their negligence that caused the personal injury?
  • If the answer is yes to these it is worth talking to a lawyer or solicitor about your personal injury claim
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    Personal Injury Claim Representation

    Getting a solicitor can be expensive as you can not receive free legal aid for Personal injury claims.

    After the Event Insurance

    Get insurance known as “after the event” Insurance where if you lose your claim the insurance pays the cost. If this is the case though you will want to have a very strong case for the insurance company to take you on
    Here are some insurance companies that will take your case Click Here

    No Win No FEE

    There are also no win no fee lawyers but be weary of the small print. Here are some things to look out for when trying to choose a no win no fee lawyer.

    You may still have to pay the oppositions fee if you lose your case.

    Discover how much you will have to pay if you do win (they can sometimes be double of a solicitor)

    You may be responsible for fees if you

  • drop the case
  • settle out of court
  • refuse to cooperate
  • the defendant can’t afford the legal fees
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    Claim Management Companies

    Claim management companies can take your case on, on a “no win, no fee” basis. They have strict guidelines to adhere to as to how they acquired business and represent/deal with their clients.

    Claim management companies are not legally trained although they may outsource a solicitor in some cases but it is important to be wary when seeking out a claim management firm.


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