Going to the small claims court should be a last resort.

You must have tried to resolve the dispute before the court will accept your case either by mediation or by contacting and trying to resolve the situation your self, it is best to try and contact the other party by letter.Give them a reasonable amount of time to reply (generally 1 month) and make sure that you inform them that if they do not reply you will forced to take further action and pursue the claim in court

If you do not try and settle it outside of court there may be a penalty

Alternatively you can try an ombudsman or watchdog if applicable to your situation who might handle the case for you.

In England and Wales you can claim up to £10,000, however in Scotland and Northern Ireland you can only claim up to £3,000

In The Small Claims Court

You are entitled to claim for

  • Compensation
  • medical fees
  • loss of earnings

You can represent your case in court but this is only recommended if you are sure to win. If there are any complications seek the help of a lawyer or soliciting firm.

You can start your claim yourself by filling out an N1 form which you will need two copies of. One for the application and a second for your own records, in fact it is best to keep a record of every thing to do with the case as you may need to go over it at some stage.

You can get an N1 Form from your local court.

However if you do need representation Click Here